Allison Chen

AP Art Drawing: Concentration 2016-17

My AP Art drawing concentration focusing on animal mutations, both natural and human enforced. Delves into beauty of natural abnormalities along with the horrors that come along with it.

My work is an exploration in animal mutations and mutated genes. It’s not uncommon to see creatures with wild characteristics: two heads, multiple limbs, etc. This artwork exploits these mutations, both beautiful and deformed. My work shows the detriments of man made mutations along with the beautiful side effects of nature. I plan to utilize the information that nothing can be perfect in both artificial and natural environments and morph those ideas into my drawings to show imperfect ideals.

11 works completed in graphite and Prismacolor pencils on paper. They also all have names.

AP Score: 5




Pepper the Magician



Rufus the Ruckus

Sir Hootington/Hooters


Susan and the Kids


Victoria’s Secret