Allison Chen

Illustration + Design

Coalesce (Self Portrait), Acrylic Weave, 12"x18", 2017

Under the Sakura Blooms,
Watercolor and Gouache, 24"x13", 2017

Kissing the Rain, Watercolor, 17"x12", 2017

Wallflower, Acrylic, 18"x11", 2017

Claire, Digital Collage, 25"x19", 2017

Bacino di San Marco, Watercolor, 18.5"x14", 2017

Salad Days, Color Pencil, 20"x14", 2017

Remnants, Graphite, 12"x16", 2017

Venn Contour Drawing, Pen+ps CS6, 2017

Snake Concentration, Photoshop CS6, 2017

Fairy Tale, Ink, Watercolor, Pen, 2017

Untitled, Oil on Canvas, 24"x42", 2016

Red, Oil on Canvas, 36"x36", 2016

Untitled, Oil on Canvas, 30"x42", 2018

Untitled, Photoshop CS6, 2015

Footloose the Musical Poster, Photoshop CS6, 2018

The Curious Savage Poster, Photoshop CS6, 2018

Goats, Graphite, 2015

8 of Hearts, PS CC, 2019

The Queen of Hearts, PS CC, 2019

smoothie spotify playlist, PS CC, 2019

crab, PS CC, 2019

Circle Collage, Photoshop CS6, 2017

Clair de Lune Magazine Page, Photoshop CS6, 2017

B.C Canada Lion Club Pin, PS CS6, 2018

Logos for Rio, PS CS6, 2019

Egg Front Inc. Logo, PS CS6, 2019

GBO Logo, Illustrator, 2019

Anti Magic Magic Club, Illustrator, 2019

theoretical term paper cover for xAstron10,
Illustrator, 2019