Allison Chen

AP 2-D Design: Concentration 2017-2018

My work is a series of tattoos that explore the different cultures from around the world. These tattoos represent the people living in the Pacific Rim State of California. Using characters from the ancient chinese zodiac, I related all the animals in the zodiac to creatures of mythology in different cultures.

#1 shows a common mouse, originating from pop culture, overcome with greed and power. #2 is a bull. The Khalkotauroi is a bronze bull from Greek mythology. #3 is a tiger based off a mythological creature called a Nekotama originating from Japanese culture; instead of using a cat however, I replaced it with a tiger to stay more true to the Chinese Zodiac. #5 is the dragon but instead of the traditional Chinese Eastern dragon, I drew the Western dragon that originated from European cultures. #6 is the snake, drawn as the Aztec god, Quetzalcoatl, a winged serpent. #7 is the horse in the chinese zodiac. It is based off the mythological creature called the Qilin, or Kirin, originating from Chinese and Eastern Cultures. #8 is the zodiac monkey, shown as Sun WuKong, the monkey king originating from the Song Dynasty. #9 is the rooster redrawn as the mythological creature, Phoenix, a legendary bird reborn from flames in Greek mythology. #11 is a dog: the creature Fenrir, a monstrous wolf in Norse mythology. #12 is the pig, a flying pig originating from Greek Mythology and pop culture as well.

There are 10 completed works done in Photoshop CS6

AP Score: 5

Moose, PS CS6, 2018

Bulldozer, PS CS6, 2018

Tamale, PS CS6, 2018

, PS CS6, 2018

BS Galactica, Photoshop CS6, 2018

Chief, PS CS6, 2018

Him, PS CS6, 2018

, PS CS6, 2018

Veendam, Photohsop CS6, 2018

Green Eggs and Ham, PS CS6, 2018